Senior Day: The Official Story

Here is the story from the man himself: Dave Handel

"This was the car (a 1952 Renault 4CV) that we put in front of Mr. Beery's office as part of our Senior Day activities. I don't recall why or who decided that we should do this, but we did it."

"The police were known to circle the block on the night of Senior's Day, so a coordinated attack was planned on the High School building which was supposed to result in the car being found in the second floor study hall the morning of Senior Day. A key to the building was obtained by one of our cohort, but which one I don't remember. On the specified night, I circled the block about half a lap behind Grandview's finest. At the appointed time, and without radio contact, the cruiser passed the 3rd Ave. entrance, the door opened, classmates poured out of the door and placed boards strategically on the steps, following which I drove up the boards, entered the hallway and turned off the engine. The boards were instantly retrieved and brought inside, the doors were closed and we waited in silence. Finally, the cruiser passed on its appointed round! We quickly pushed the car to the western staircase and proceeded to push it up to the first landing. However, there was insufficient room to move the car around the landing, so we decided to lift the car over our heads and swing it around over the handrails so we could continue to push it up to the second floor. During this process, and while the car was over our heads, certain classmates started laughing, resulting in the car becoming unbearably heavy -- so much so, that lives became endangered (and we knew it)! A swift retreat back down the steps to the ground floor was in order and accomplished without dissension. Lives were saved!"

"The secondary target, Mr. Beery's office, was in sight. The car was quickly pushed to his office and slid laterally until tight against the door. The car keys were removed and the car doors were locked! I recall that we then executed an instant dispersal."

"Several hours later, the police were at our door at home. Fortunately, I had given a heads up to my dad so he was forewarned (he also held title to the car). They asked him if he knew where his car was. He replied that it most likely was in the garage. This elicited an ah hah, no way. It's in the high school blocking the principal's office door and the doors are locked. Dad replied that probably some of Dave's friends were just playing a graduation prank (the dirty dogs). The incident was finished as far as the police were concerned."

"Next morning I was summoned to the principal's office from 1st period study hall. Mr. Beery asked if I would be so good as to remove the car from the building. I said "YES SIR", jumped into the car, started it up, and drove it down the steps and curb without the benefit of the boards and into the proverbial sunset."

"I thought that the event was over and soon to be forgotten. Not so. Approximately 18 years later, I was introduced to a new employee at Nationwide who was a Grandview graduate. During the course of our discussion, I mentioned the car caper and the principal's office. He reacted, visibly excited as he exclaimed,"You guys are a legend" He had thought that the whole event was some made up tale."

"I think I'd better consider renaming the Renault, The Legend."