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Jean Ann Kelchner

Provided by Jean Kelchner Heineman for the reunion of 2007:

I live in Spring, Texas with my husband Don, a retired salesman. We have three sons and six grandchildren. I retired from full-time school teaching in June 2002, but I am currently working, as a substitute teacher, on a grant for first grade. I am in the classroom four hours a day. When not teaching or interacting with my grandchildren I like to spend time walking, reading, volunteering at Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum, traveling, and gardening. I also play in my church handbell choir and work at the church store.

My favorite memories of Grandview are cheerleading, dances, yearbook, talent shows, plays, football and basketball games, all classes, sitting in study hall before school. Related specifically to the class of 1957 I remember the car in the school and winning the football championship our junior year.

After high school I graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in education. I taught four years in Ohio in the Cleveland area and twenty years as a first grade teacher in Texas.

Excerpted from Christmas letter, 2006:

Jean is still teaching as a substitute. She works most of the time at her old elementary school. In her free time she volunteers at church and the Cypress-Woodlands Junior Forum community service organization. Jean is an accomplished hand bell ringer in the "varsity" bell choir at church. Jean went on a fact finding church sponsored trip to Nicaragua last February. Her big trip this year was a riverboat cruise up the Danube River from Hungary to Austria...(it was) thoroughly enjoyed.

Written by Jean to Classmates in 1997

Beginning 16th year of teaching 1st grade (21 years total). Children: Byron (33), Kevin (31), and Doug (26). 2 grandchildren - Natalie and Joseph.