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Larry Ramon Crossley

Update provided by Larry in February, 2011:

Just prior to our 50th Carol and I moved to South Carolina in July, 2007. We purchased a home in Summerville which is about 20 miles inland from Charleston which is on the coast. Carol and I really loved it down here and have been blessed by all the company we have had; it's a great place to visit and you all are welcome.

Sadly Carol passed away in August, 2009 of heart failure and pneumonia after a short and sudden illness. We had been together for just over 25 years, and she died just prior to her 70th birthday and our 20th anniversary. I tried to cope with my loss by traveling, and looked for any opportunity to get out of the house. Graciously Judy Turner invited me to Walhala, SC for a weekend visit and we were able to rekindle our friendship, and after several visits it became obvious to both of us that there were even stronger feelings laying beneath the surface. The relationship has flourished and as you may already know we have set a date for an April wedding. We are both very happy. And since I even gave up my part time job on November 5th, 2010, we have a lot of time to spend together and with our many friends, family and members of our church.

If we do not see you before, we look forward to seeing everyone at our 55th.

Provided by Larry for the reunion of 2007:

My wife, Carol, and I live in Dublin, Ohio, but by the time of the reunion we will have moved to Summerville, South Carolina near Charleston. We have three children and five grandchildren.

I have retired from the financial services field where I spent most of my career, including starting my own financial planning firm, but recently have been working part time at Federal Express Kinko's.

Other than that and riding my bike, taking in the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, I serve as an officer in my HOA. In the past, I have been a JCI senator in the U.S. Jaycees and past president of the Grove City Jaycees. I have also been a member of the board of my church and an adult class sunday school teacher.

What do I recall about school days? walking to school on cold, windy mornings. But on a more serious note: Being able to go to school at one of the best times in the history of our great land with the best group of 'good' kids you would ever meet.

After high school, I spent time in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, then went to work for Thomas Engineering & Surveying Co. as a Professional Land Surveyor, State of Ohio. After that I began my career as a financial planner.

Written by Larry to GHHS Alumni Newsletter in 2006

Looking forward to 50th next year; sorry that J.R. won't be there but we will be thinking of him; hope to see all my classmates there; retired 2 years ago except for "little" activity just to get me out of the house as a gift to my wife Carol; oldest son lives in Newark, OH but 2 younger sons live in Reno, NV; life is good.

Written to the Classmates in 1997:

Since I didn't have the pleasure of attending our 35th reunion, I will bring you up-to-date since the 30th.  In November 1989, I married the girl that I brought to our 30th and we now reside in the Dublin area.  A month later she was involved in a terrible auto accident that resulted in her being unconscious through Christmas and New Year's.  Glad to say that she fully recovered.  In early 1990 I started a company that provides administrative services for companies that have adopted Cafeteria Plans under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, and it continues today.  Carol has her own business as well.  Like most of you, my kids and Carol's kids are all grown up and have started their own careers and families.  We're glad we're not part of their generation.  God help our grandchildren!  Hope to see and visit with all of you at the 40th.