Minutes of 50th reunion committee meeting of October 17, 2007

Minutes of Post-Reunion Meeting, 10/17/07

In Attendance:  Don Abbruzzese, Tony Mesi, Joanne Orr, Jim Shough, Dan Denney, Don and Marty Grimm,
Kay Jackson, Sally Murray, Carolyn Williams

The meeting opened without an agenda as the intent of the meeting was to determine our financial
standing. Marty Grimm passed out two pages of financial data and explained the items one-by-one.
We ended up with a deficit of $136.87.  Don Abbruzzese gave Marty a check for $110.00 (to include
$10 for a poster).  Joanne Orr gave cash for $10 for a poster and Carolyn Williams gave Marty a
check for $10.  (The deficit was pretty much covered)

We had five booklets left and a suggestion was made to put them on the website for $10 plus
shipping of $3.00.  Sally Murray volunteered to mail out the booklets and pictures to those
classmates who wanted them and had paid for them.  Sally will absorb the mailing costs.

Tony Mesi absorbed the printing costs of the blue books.

Joanne Orr thanked Don Grimm for the preservation of the class picture.

Jim Shough absorbed the cost of the CD's.  

There was discussion as to suggestions for the next reunion, i.e., how to make it better and run
more smoothly.  Someone at the reunion suggested the possibility of having another reunion in
three years rather than five.

Suggestions for the next reunion:
       Reduce amount of hors dí oeuvres;

       If we have a buffet again, announce that the attendees are welcome to second helpings;

       Have the reunion at a hotel where the out-of-towners can stay or be close by;  

       Do not have such an elaborate reunion;

       If we have a memorabilia table, have the emcee announce it to the attendees;

       No dance floor;

       Have a rehearsal as to timing of events for announcements, etc.

All agreed the reunion was a success and we had many affirmative responses.

It was agreed that the photographer could have taken a clearer picture of the class.

Marty Grimm took reading glasses home with her to be claimed by whomever left them at Carolyn
Jensenís house on Sunday.  Don will advertise on the website that they were found and how to
reclaim them.

Jim Shough will put together facts about the music that was played at the reunion.  He said that
he had taped the Interludes who played for our spring dance in 1957.  (Who remembered -- great
trivia question)  Thanks to Jim.
We discussed ways of funding the website.  It costs $72 per year and has been paid by the Grimms
through October 2008.  The funding question was left open. 

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