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  Fritz Penwell

During my latest whirlwind trip to the orient (from early July till mid-August.) some of my Chinese associates threw a surprise birthday party for me so I thought I would share this photo with my old GHHS classmates. (Forget the Buddha stuff you see in the picture. You have to know how to play the game.) It seems like almost every year I am in China for my birthday. I was able to celebrate it in Hong Kong, then Shanghai, then Santa Fe, and last week in Scottsdale. I should be 4 years older instead of one!


  Don Grimm

My sister, Nancy, (class of '62) hosted a small birthday party for me
at her idyllic home in the woods of Deleware County.
Here I am with her and my brother, Dave.

Of course, my wife Mardelle (class of '57) was invited.

Here is the whole family, enlarged considerably
by my nephew Rob's contribution.

Mardelle brought this cake with the picture
of the handsome 16-year-old.

And here is the old guy barely managing
his obligation with a candle or two.


  Judy Turner Palmer

I had my 70th Birthday at Chau Ram Park in the open air pavillion with a balcony overlooking a beautiful waterfall. There was swimming, hiking, fishing or walking the trails, but I opted for the balcony!!

We all (40 friends and family) were having such a good time, when the pavillion time was up we all moved to the shelter in front of the waterfall for a few more hours.

That's me seated in the back in the center.

My granddaughter, Kaitlyn, and me.

Trouble just waiting to happen, but they didn't go over the falls!!

    Me with my wonderful grandkids: Justin, Kaitlyn, A.J., Brittney, and Clinton.

    A most pleasant suprise was seeing out-of-town grand-kids, Brittney and Clinton, whom I had not seen in 2 years.

    It was a great day.


  Lowell Clark

It was a great time. We had 38 people in our local clubhouse with a theme of a Buckeye tailgate party. Meatballs, brats, dogs, potato salad, baked beans, and, of course, the cake.

Here I am with my wife, Barbara and our family - seven grandchildren, three daughters, and sons-in-law.

    Brother Al, me, and sister Sharon Wheeler.

    Betsy Clark, Al Clark, me, wife Barbara, and Sharon

    Barbara and I pose with our three daughters: Beth, Christy, and Robin.

    My sister-in-law, Mary Lynn, reads her
    "Buckeye Birthday" poem to me.

    I'll huff and I'll puff and ...

My stupendous cake with all the names the kids and grandkids call me: Doc, Papa, Lowo, etc


  Dan Winters

My wife, Jean, worked very hard to deceive me about my surprise birthday party and it worked. There were over 50 people who surprised me at my son's house across the road from us that day, June 6th, three days after my seventieth birthday.

Here are Jean and I with our family: son, Jon, 41; daughter, Lisa,44; and grandkids; David, 17; Lindsey, 18; Hannah, 5; and Holly, 11.

And here's my fantastic cake!.


  Gretchen Gettinger Grant

Here are a couple of pictures from my 70th birthday party.
Had a great day with family and friends. Weather here in Lake Luzerne (NY) was perfect for outside entertaining.

How did we reach this 70th year so fast??!!!

    Here I am with four of my six grandchildren.

    My granddaughters decorated my cake for me.


  Mardelle Miller Grimm

My 70th birthday celebration was held in Indianapolis at a lovely Sheraton Hotel on the weekend of April 18 and 19. Indianapolis is a mid-point for my three children who are scattered in the midwest and for Don & me. Each of us had about a four hour drive to the hotel.

Our party room was decorated with balloons and crepe paper. A trip to the city's zoo was a must see for two year old grandson, Peter. Counting spouses and grandchildren, we were ten in number. Nice to all come together for a fun weekend and a celebration of entering into my eighth decade.

This picture shows me seated with my three children, Rick, Kate, and Diane. In front is Casey, my oldest grandchild.

Wearing my new apron and trying out one of my gifts.


  Joanne Day Orr

I had a great 70th birthday.

Here I am with my sister Jackie, who, as several of you know, had a surprise family party for me.

Here is Joe, Sandie, me, Sallie and Scott.

Our daughter Sallie came all the way from S. Carolina, Sandie lives in Clintonville, and our son Scott lives in West Liberty, (about 50 miles from us) along with my sister-in-law, nephew and all of his family.

Here is the above group with two of Scott's three girls (Catarina, 15, and Chelsey, 21) added on the right. Unfortunately our other four grandchildren couldn't make it. The three in S. Carolina (Davey 22, Samantha, 20, and Danny, 19) were working and Scott's other daughter, Cayla, 18, was on a cruise.

We all had a great time.


  Bill Churry

Since my birthday is December 29, Doris and I took Christmas week to celebrate in Las Vegas. We spent some time with my niece Laura who lives there with her husband Tony, and saw a number of great shows: Elton John, Donny and Marie Osmond and the musical, The Phantom. They were all fantastic.

We stayed at Caesar's Palace, and so I am also including a picture of me with my buddy "Julius".

Hope everyone else has a Happy Birthday too!


  Tony "Buddy" Mesi

  My Daughters (Lori on my right and Sara, left)
  surprised me with the 70th birthday party after
  I surprised them by living to be 70. A wonderful
  surprise with my kids and dear friends
  in attendance.

  Abby making a very nice toast to me.
  Of course, Abby looks for any excuse to take a drink.

    A GHHS mini reunion: Abby, Ronnie, Margaret, Carolyn, Sally, Joanne, Jimmie, and me.
    It was great to see my classmates. Letís have another reunion soon.

  Joanne; husband, Joe; Ronnie; Abby; and wife, Barbara
  This picture shows the camaraderie and closeness
  of our class or are they just keeping Abby from drinking?

  Joanne; Sally; and husband, Larry
  What a nice picture. Looks like it came from a
  portrait studio.

  Sara; Lori; her boyfriend, Brett, me, and my neighbor, Stephanie (and Gambini on the table)
  at my house talking about all my dear friends at the party.

  My daughters took the pictures and Don Grimm cropped and laid them out. Thanks Don.


  Suzie Sherck Zuhars

The 70th - oh my! Here we are at our home in Bonita Springs
with some friends (that's me in the center) from Coshocton,
where we once lived. They are staying in Naples for the winter.
After this we all went out to dinner.

Looking forward to seeing the other birthday celebrations.